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Trouble Shifting Gears

If you begin having trouble shifting or staying in gear, it is usually an indication that an electrical, internal or external transmission part is worn or damaged.

Your vehicle may have a transmission problem if:

  • Your transmission is not going into, or staying in gear
  • Shifting is harsh or delayed

This is a relatively common problem, and it could be caused by any of a number of possibilities:

  • An internal transmission repair may be necessary if parts within the transmission are worn or damaged
  • External controls for the transmission may simply need adjustment
  • External controls may need replacement
  • Electrical components may need adjustment or replacement

Because today’s cars, trucks and SUVs are controlled by computers, it takes a real transmission expert to properly diagnose your problem. These problems should not be ignored—the longer they continue, the more damage may be caused. Before your vehicle becomes inoperative, take your car to the experts at AAMCO for an External Diagnostic Service. Our comprehensive process begins with a series of tests to narrow down exactly what your problem might be. This examination will help determine if you just have an external problem or if you possibly have another type of malfunction or internal transmission problem.

The Free External Diagnostic Service includes putting your car on a lift, examining the external controls and fluids, and road testing your vehicle. If you only have an external problem the specialists at AAMCO centers can take care of the problem before it develops into something bigger. If the certified technician uncovers a more serious malfunction, then we will discuss with you the other services that may be necessary to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. With that kind of care, you won’t want to take your vehicle anywhere else.

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