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Noise In The Transmission

If you hear noise coming from your vehicle’s transmission, it may indicate that transmission parts are contacting each other abnormally. Normally functioning transmissions are virtually free of noise when clean transmission fluid is lubricating the moving parts.

Tracking down the source of the noise can be complicated. Unlike many other repair facilities, AAMCO Center technicians are experts in all systems in your car, truck, and SUV and perform both external transmission diagnostics and a complete car check. So they know the difference between a simple exhaust problem causing noises—and a potentially significant transmission problem.

Your vehicle may very likely have a transmission problem if:

  • There is buzzing or any other noise from the transmission
  • If your vehicle is a four-wheel drive, there is a clicking noise in the transmission while it is in 4-wheel drive mode
  • There is a clunking from under the vehicle when you change gears

Trained transmission technicians at AAMCO Centers can help determine if it even is a transmission problem, and which of the following possibilities could be causing the problem:

  • An internal transmission repair may be necessary if parts within the transmission are worn or damaged.
  • The transmission fluid is low, dirty, or the incorrect type.
  • Electrical components or external controls for the transmission may simply need adjustment or replacement.

Take your car, truck, or SUV to the experts at AAMCO for an External Diagnostic Service. Our certified technicians will help get to the bottom of your problems and get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

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